Adaptive Reuse Opportunities

This page lists buildings that are  currently vacant in the city of Pittsburgh that I think ought to be brought back into use either through adaptive reuse or restoring to the original use.  The list does not take into consideration the feasibility of adapting or restoring the buildings or the availability of the buildings.  It is purely a list of buildings I feel it is a shame to see vacant.

Building History: Originally Kostel Sv Va’Clava (a Czech church named after St. Wenceslas?), purchased in 1993 and became Allegheny Playhouse Child Care Center

Building Location: 887 Progress Street near 16th/Chestnut Street, North Shore neighborhood; Block and Lot: 9-B-120

Vacant Since: post-2008?

Added to Page: Summer 2012

Vacant ChurchBuilding History: Built 1890, rebuilt after fire in 1909 as Saints Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church which closed in 1992, building purchased in 1997 by Everlasting Covenant Church based in New York, but remained vacant

Location: 130 Larimer Ave in the East Liberty Neighborhood, near Target; Block and Lot: 83-S-243

Vacant Since: 1992

Added to Page: March 2013, photo taken Nov 2011

Vacant School

Building History: Built as a school for the former Saints Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church in the 1st decade of the 1900s.  The school closed in 1964, but in the years that followed at least part of the space was used for other programs.

Location: Rear of 130 Larimer Ave, in the East Liberty neighborhood.

Vacant Since: the late 1980s/early 1990s

Added to Page: March 2013, photo from Nov. 2011

Vacant SchoolBuilding History: Little information is available on this building.  It was built as a school in Lawrenceville near the Butler Street entrance to the Allegheny Cemetery.  At one point part of the interior was damaged by fire, but the building was still structurally sound enough for Quantum Theatre to hold one of its pop-up plays inside in Dec. 2011.

Location: 4830 Hatfield St, Central Lawrenceville; Block and Lot: 80-F-160

Vacant Since: ?

Added to Page: March 2013, photo from Aug 2012


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